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South Lake Tahoe Skiing Adventure – Part One

First of all, it’s a lot longer drive than I originally thought from Las Vegas. Nevada doesn’t seem that big at first glance, but trust me, it’s huge: 460 miles between the start and end point and really not much in between. The best part was seeing a lot of the little small mining towns that were once booming in the mid to late 1800′s but now are showing their age and have slowed down. Other than that the two-laned Hwy 95 seemed to stretch on forever through barren desert. I found it interesting during the day that there was so much untouched land left in the United States, but at night it was one straight mile after the next.

We all left Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon and got into town well after dinner time drained from the long drive. One thing I noticed immediately about South Lake that differed from any other resort town was how late restaurants and some stores stayed open. After going to many mountain towns on ski trips in years past I was shocked anything was open after 8pm, and even more shocked that things were open until 2am (I’m sure the casinos have some effect on the rest of the town on the California side). As soon as we crossed over into California I spotted the hotel I booked, Park Tahoe Inn, and got in the room as fast as we could. I originally booked the hotel because it was on sale and looked nice, but also the added amenity of Tempur-pedic beds in every room? Wow that’s expensive and worth a try. That was probably the most entertainment of the day playing with the bed since when a Tempur-pedic bed gets cold, it gets hard like a rock until your body pressure makes the foam sink.  I ran up and jumped onto the bed and bounced off of it HARD.. apparently it was funny to everyone else, but my back didn’t think it was funny!

This is vacation right? We all slept like it was vacation the next morning. After rounding everything up and deciding it was too late to get to the slopes, it was time to venture out for what Christopher calls a “mountain breakfast”. What does that consist of? Always a stack of pancakes, eggs, meat and whatever else sounds yummy and mountainous on the menu. It was past noon but who cares, Heidi’s Restaurant was open until 2pm and it looked mountan-y enough. Apparently Heidi (who everyone mysteriously got quiet about when asked where she was) makes killer blueberry pancakes, eggs, and anything else that is considered breakfast food. Deb the waitress was awesome as well. I don’t think there is a better place for breakfast in Tahoe (okay well I didn’t look very hard either).

The next two nights were to be spent in a rental house with friends from Texas coming in that day. When I was looking for homes in the area to rent I was somewhat surprised at the average age of the homes and interiors. Everything in the area is a bit older since Tahoe’s hayday was in the mid-70′s, and a lot of the homes had seen a better day. The home we stayed in had an updated kitchen, but needed some help in other areas to complete the updated look. In the end though? It had everything we needed for 8 people. Next day’s adventures… skiing! Featuring 12 inches of new snow! Can’t top that…

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